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African treaty is great news for safari enthusiasts

There are plenty of superb destinations available to people who are desperate to embark on an African safari holiday.

Whether you opt for Tanzania, South Africa or Botswana, you are guaranteed to see some of the world's most exotic creatures during your trip.

Lots of effort goes into protecting creatures such as the rhino and leopard, but unfortunately the population of some species has fallen very low.

However, wildlife enthusiasts have cause for celebration, after a landmark agreement between five of Africa's most prominent safari hotspots was reached yesterday (March 15th).

Government officials in Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Zimbabwe have pledged to create the world's largest international conservation area - which will see the quintet cooperate in order to allow animals to roam freely between each country.

The Kavango Zambezi area will cover 170,000 sq miles - roughly the same size as Sweden - and wildlife enthusiasts are hopeful that the treaty will help safeguard a wide range of creatures, including the elephant, as 45 per cent of the entire continent's population lives in this region.