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South African Elephants Get Given Birth Control

In the KwaZulu-Natal province of South Africa conservation projects to protect elephant populations have been so successful, the authorities are now working to provide birth control to their elephant population. South Africa, which had just over 100 elephants nearly a century ago, now has more than 20,000, studies have shown. While this is good news, Catherine Hanekom, an ecologist fro Ezemvelo KwaZulu Natal Wildlife, says, "Slowing the growth rate will allow time to be gained to achieve other biodiversity objectives, such as land expansion, without having to cull the elephants." The elephants receive an injection that triggers an imune system response to block sperm reception.



Excitement as two white lion cubs are born in a Mexico Zoo

There was an excitement at a zoo in Mexico last month when three white lion cubs were born. While only two have survived, Puebla Zoo are working round the clock to ensure the survival of the two remaining cubs. White lions are indigenous to Tibavati, South Africa but the population of these unique albino lion is now teachnically extinct in the wild.

Cape Town set to host comedy festival

Cape Town will host the excellent Vodacom Funny Festival next month.

Table Mountain's World Wonder status confirmed

Table Mountain has been officially confirmed as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World.

South Africa has 'breathtakingly beautiful scenery'

South Africa is a fantastic holiday destination, as it has something for everyone to enjoy and the scenery is stunning.

Event highlights South Africa's love for wine

The Robertson Wacky Wine Weekend sees winery owners in the Western Cape open their doors to visitors.

Johannesburg to host Standard Bank Joy of Jazz Festival

The Standard Bank Joy of Jazz Festival is set to be held in Johannesburg once again.

Popularity of South African holidays continues to grow

The number of people visiting South Africa grew by 3.3 per cent last year, new figures have shown.