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Egypt's new vice-minister of culture reveals museum plans

Travellers heading away for a holiday to Egypt may soon be able to view a number of new attractions planned by the country's new vice-minister.

Dr Zahi Hawass has been appointed to the role and discussed the completion of work on the Civilisation, Akhenaten, Greco-Roman and Sohah museums.

The archaeologist stated it is an honour to be given the job, as it proves the government is committed to preserving the nation's ancient treasures.

Dr Hawass, who is 62 years old, also suggested the role would allow him to train successors and new staff at the attractions.

"I hope that I can continue to do good work and that the world will see many important improvements in the years to come," he commented on his blog.

One of the official's most recent discoveries is a set of new tombs in Dra Abu al-Naga on Luxor's west bank, which he speculated could date back to the Amarna period.