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Tourists and locals 'mix happily on holiday to Nepal'

A holiday to Nepal is a great chance to mingle with locals and other tourists, it has been asserted.

Writing for World Hum, Eric Weiner said there is a "happy equilibrium" in Kathmandu, adding it offers a balance between local customs and typical tourist activities, such as shopping.

The commentator recounted strolls around the streets of the Thamel district sampling banana pancakes and stocking up on souvenirs.

Discussing the best way to approach a trip to the Asian country, Mr Weiner said: "The point is not to find some idyllic, imaginary locale free of all travellers, save ourselves. It's a matter of balance, of proportion."

His trip also took him to the Boudhanath, the "Buddhist heartland of Nepal" which is home to the Bodnath Stupa.

This holy temple is thought to have been built in the 14th century and comprises a square tower and pyramid structure, which contains 13 steps believed to represent the ladder to enlightenment.