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Peru hosts 'record-breaking food feat'

Travellers may be inspired to book a holiday to Peru after hearing about a record-breaking food feat in the country.

Chefs in the Andean city Huancayo cooked up a storm over the weekend (November 1st), serving an estimated 12,000 portions of Papa a la Huancaina.

According to the Andina website, locals gathered around a suitably large table on Calle Real Street to sample the meal, which comprises potatoes, eggs and olives and is usually dished up with lettuce leaves and corn kernels.

Cooks involved in the challenge surpassed the 8,000 servings total set last year.

The dish is thought to have been first conceived by local women to feed workers constructing the nation's railway infrastructure.

Event organiser Ruben Cardenas told the news source: "Our goal is to further promote Papa a la Huancaina as one of the Peruvian cuisine's main dishes."

The country is also known for its spicy culinary delights, including arequipena and arroz a la criolla.