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Egypt arts exhibition 'impeccably curated'

Many holidays to Egypt booked and arranged by Adventure Company come with a free day in Cairo – which could be spent having a look at the latest exhibitions at its Townhouse Gallery.

The Where are You? Event is taking place at the venue until November 22nd and contains works by local artists such as Hany Rashed and Basim Magdy.

Reviewing the attraction, the Daily News Egypt said the pieces have been impeccably curated.

Journalist Heba El-Sherif highlighted sculptures by Guido Reichlin and Pascal Hachem, while also mentioning the "peculiar" fruits of Davide Casico's labour.

The columnist was present at the attraction's "buzzing" opening night and said the trip inspired deep thought about art's place in society.

"Where are You? hosts more than a mere reading of Cairo - the artists have placed themselves as part of the wider universe," the commentator said.

The Townhouse Gallery was first opened in 1998 and hosts theatre, music and cinema events, while also displaying the works of the likes of Doa Aly, Basim Magdy and Youssef Nabil.

When not welcoming tourists, the attraction holds skills workshops for local children.