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Egyptian archaeology project hailed a success

An archaeology project in the Egyptian town of Aswan has uncovered a number of interesting objects, according to the team behind the dig.

Dr Zahi Hawass, who was recently appointed as the country's vice-minster of culture earlier this month, led the expedition to discover the secrets of a section of the River Nile.

Among the haul was a pottery jar believed to have originated in Gebel el-Silsila, along with other items thought to have fallen in the waterway over the years.

Writing on his blog, Dr Hawass speculated the research could help historians gain a better understanding of the goods being imported and exported from Egypt thousands of years ago.

"It is not enough just to dig in the sand, we must go everywhere the ancient Egyptians did," he remarked. "I am very happy with this underwater project and the big discoveries."

The team's work is set to continue in the coming months and move north to Luxor.

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