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"Distinguished Egyptologists" meet in Valley of the Kings

Some 87 years on from its discovery, the tomb of King Tutankhamen still carries huge significance for the world's Egyptologists, it has been asserted.

The find, located in the Valley of the Kings, was recently the focal point of a meeting of distinguished experts in the field, who gathered to mark the anniversary on November 4th.

Vice-minister of culture Dr Zahi Hawass gave a speech at the summit, while a new entrance to the Luxor Temple was also unveiled.

The group also opened a new museum in the former residence of Howard Carter, the man who is generally considered to be the man who first found King Tutankhamen's resting place.

Relatives of the explorer attended the meeting, who expressed their delight that their ancestor's work is still celebrated to this day.

"I think people will enjoy visiting this house that makes the history of the Valley of the Kings come alive," Dr Hawass wrote on his official blog.

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