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Secrets of King Tutankhamun's tomb set to be revealed

Parts of King Tutankhamun's final resting place in Egypt which have baffled experts for centuries are set to be the focus of a restoration scheme.

A five-year project will be carried out by the Getty Conservation Institute and see experts attempt to decipher further information about the ruler and the wall paintings in the building.

The Supreme Council of Antiquities will also be involved in the process.

Its general secretary Dr Hawass remarked: "I always see the tomb of King Tut and wonder about those spots which no scientist has been able to explain.

"I am happy that the Getty will look at the tomb and preserve its beautiful scenes."

The job will be carried out in a number of phases, which will begin with research and assessment before moving on to conservation plans and long-term maintenance programmes.

Adventure Company offers a number of trips that feature the life, times and possessions of Tutankhamun.

One of these is the Treasures of the Nile tour, which visits the Valley of the Kings and the Egyptian Museum, an attraction that houses the ancient ruler's treasures.