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Sphinx Festival could be fun Egypt holiday activity

Travellers who visit the Sphinx Festival during a holiday to Egypt could gain a wealth of knowledge about the country's arts sector.

The Cairo event, which takes place between December 1st and 5th, will see leading lights from dance, music, culture and philosophy offer seminars in the shadow of the spectacular pyramids.

Egyptology, ethnology and cultural development are all set to be on the agenda, with academics set to shed light on their experiences.

Guests will include Moustafe Gadalla, who is an author in local cosmology, Saiidi percussionist Nasser Osman and museum curator Dr Randa Baligh.

Each of the five days will be centred on a different theme – starting with water and moving on to fire, earth, air and celestial union.

Those looking to explore the pyramids and soak up the local culture could book onto one of Adventure Company's tours.

For example, the Felucca Adventure holiday features jaunts to the Sphinx, Aswan and the Nile, along with the possibility of an extension to the Sinai desert.