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Festive season 'spectacular time to enjoy holiday to Peru'

Adventurous types looking for a festive season with a difference could ditch sprouts and television repeats in favour of a holiday to Peru.

This is what Miami New Times blogger Mike Torrey did last year, something he said was a spectacular and enriching experience.

The travel writer was drawn to the South American destination by its wealth of gastronomic delights, which formed the basis for his trip.

He highlighted munching on ceviche – a raw fish dish – and trying the local potato crops, which he said were marked out by their "richness of … flavour".

The correspondent also recounted consuming Pisco Sour at the high-altitude destination Cucso.

It was here he stayed with a local family to enjoy an authentic Peruvian Christmas dinner, which included yellow salad, turkey and beans.

"At midnight we were on a hill looking over a valley and everywhere were fireworks. The whole city was setting them off. That was spectacular," Mr Torrey said.

People looking to discover their own piece of Cusco could book on Adventure Company's Classic Peru tour.

This trip takes in a spectacular drive over the Andes to the Colca Canyon, an Inca Trail trek and a chance to take in the spectacular scenery of Machu Picchu.