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Scuba diving on holiday to Egypt 'offers sense of achievement'

People who decide to scuba dive on a holiday to Egypt could learn more about themselves and the world around them, if one expert is to be believed.

Alison Dando from the British-Sub Aqua Club said the activity can be challenging, "but the effort is worth it".

The membership and marketing manager stated people can gain a sense of achievement from exploring the ocean depths.

"It's taking you into a completely new environment of which humans aren't meant to be," she remarked. "If people put the effort in to learn to dive, they will be diving for a good few years."

Those who invest in their own diving equipment could get great value if they use on a variety of trips, the representative concluded.

Qualified scuba divers are able to explore the Red Sea on an Adventure Company holiday to Egypt.

Tourists who book onto the extension of the Nile Riverboat Adventure head to the coastal resort of Hurghada, where there is a range of coral and colourful fish.

Meanwhile, snorkelers could also welcome the chance to view local marine life.