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Egyptology 'breakthrough' could inspire holiday to Egypt

Now could be a particularly interesting time to book a holiday to Egypt, if one expert's words are anything to go by.

According to the country's vice-minister of culture Dr Zahi Hawass, Egyptologists have been looking into the ancestry of King Tutankhamen and his ancestry.

It has been speculated that his father was not Amenhotep III as previously thought and that his death was not the result of a murder.

Writing on his official blog, Dr Hawass said: "Now for the first time, we have been able to find scientific evidence of Tutankhamen's cause of death.

"Now the most likely scenarios are that he fell off while riding and broke his leg, or that he was fighting in a war and was injured."

Those interested in viewing the ancient ruler's final resting place in the Valley of the Kings could book onto one of Adventure Company's trips to the region.

Children could enjoy the eight-day Ancient Egypt Explorer Family Holiday trip, which includes an introduction to local history, while the Nile Riverboat Adventure includes a carriage ride to the Karnak Temple.

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