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Family holiday to Egypt 'was a great bonding experience'

Those who book a family adventure holiday to Egypt could take away more than the memories of the breathtaking scenery, if one group's experiences are anything to go by.

The Times reported on a gang that booked on Adventure Company's Active in the Sinai Teenage Adventure and noted it was a great bonding experience for youngsters.

Vincent Crump and his daughter Daisy wrote the piece, which detailed how the 15-year-old tackled the challenges of the trip.

The group stayed at the Coral Coast hotel and were accompanied throughout their trip by tour guide Meena, who had a "wit and gentleness".

Kayaking, scuba-diving and boat safaris were all on the agenda, along with the focus of their jaunt – an all-night climb to the summit of Mount Sinai.

Recounting the night they had an "exotic sleepover party" in a candle-lit canyon, Mr Crump said: "Kids who had traded nervous hellos just 24 hours ago were now dragging together their sleeping mats and cuddling up under the stars.

"Parents bit their tongues - this was bonding time and the whole holiday depended upon its success."

The Active in the Sinai Teenage Adventure is available during December, February, March, April, July, August and October.

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