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Archaeological discovery could inspire holiday to Egypt

Archaeologists have found a new shaft in Saqqara's Step Pyramid, which could inspire adventurous travellers to book a holiday to Egypt.

The five-metre tunnel is set to reveal "something important" about the nation's history, according to the country's supreme council of antiquities Dr Zahi Hawass.

It joins another 11 similar discoveries in the ancient building, which is where King Djoser's children were laid to rest.

"Why not also allow his architect Imhotep to be buried with him? Could it be possible that Imhotep was buried in the pyramid with his king?" the official stated on his official blog.

He added work is ongoing to further excavate the shaft and reveal the secrets of one of the country's most famous royal families.

Those wishing to experience the splendour of Saqqara's pyramids could book onto the Felucca Adventure.

Alongside a jaunt to the Memphis region, it also takes in the sights and sounds of Luxor, Aswan and the River Nile.

The Nile Riverboat Adventure also offers the chance to visit the monument on a free day to Cairo.

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