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Holidays in Peru news: Five new attractions open in Machu Picchu

The ideal time to book trekking holidays in Peru could be now, as five new tourist attractions have been opened in the historic settlement of Machu Picchu.

An article on LivinginPeru.com revealed that colourful water fountains, carved walls, terraces, caves which were used as tombs and winding roads originally constructed by the Incas are now all open to the public.

It means that travellers now have even more reason to trek to the ancient city, the news provider noted.

Furthermore, the attractions could help to make the heart of Machu Picchu's citadel less crowded by offering something more for visitors to see, it pointed out, adding that 2,500 tourists a day will be able to view the news sites.

Located in the lower and eastern part of the mountain, archaeologists have been researching and studying the historical finds for the last three years.

Anyone who wants to see sights for themselves may like to consider booking onto Adventure Company's Empire of the Inca or Flight of the Condor treks.

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