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Egypt holidays news: Rosetta Stone 'should be returned to Egypt'

Those considering booking Egypt holidays may be able to see the Rosetta Stone in person, if the head of the country's Supreme Council of Antiquities has his way.

Dr Zahi Hawass called for the ancient artefact to be returned home to the north African nation from its current residence at the British Museum (BM) - and demanded that the move should be permanent.

Originally, the doctor said he requested a short-term loan of the stone, but changed his mind and demanded it be returned for good after being offended by a letter from BM officials.

The museum questioned the levels of security in Egypt and whether or not the antiquity would be safely returned, he told BBC Radio.

Dr Hawass said: "We are not the Pirates of the Caribbean. We are a civilised country. If I ... sign a contract with the BM, [we] will return it."

Those who want to sample some Egyptian history ahead of the possible repatriation of the Rosetta Stone may wish to book onto Adventure Company's Feluccas and Pharaohs Family Holiday or the Ancient Egypt Explorer Family Holiday.

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