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Tanzania holidays 'are essential to its economy'

a href="http://www.adventurecompany.co.uk/country-overview.aspx?productid=32630" target="_self">Tanzania holidays are not just a great opportunity to experience African wildlife and take part in challenging treks, but are also essential to the country's economy.

This is the view of Nicola Winter, a correspondent for Media Global, who explained that the country's Serengeti National Park and the Ngorogoro Crater offer "unparalleled opportunities for wildlife watching and nature safaris".

Furthermore, the writer noted that Tanzania holidays also have a lot to offer trekkers, pointing out that Kilimanjaro is one of the toughest challenges in the world for hikers.

She said that travellers do not have to opt for the extreme, week-long trek to the summit of the second-highest mountain in the world, as the area also has a number of quicker base trails.

Citing figures from the World Travel and Tourism Council, Ms Winter added that the sector accounted for nine per cent of Tanzania's gross domestic product in 2009.

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