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Machu Picchu left me in awe, says photographer

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holidays in Peru should include a trip to the ancient Incan settlement of Machu Picchu, if the words of a photographer are to be believed.

Mike Torrey, speaking to Voice of America News, explained that he has been fascinated with the historic citadel since he was a little boy, which has led him to publish a new collection of images to capture the beauty of the site.

Since the location was re-discovered in 1911 after becoming overgrown by rainforest when the Incan civilisation was destroyed, around 2,000 visitors have had the chance to witness it for themselves each day.

Mr Torrey has taken that opportunity twice and remarked that Machu Picchu is more impressive than he had ever imagined.

"When you get there, you just see it with awe. I read a lot of books. I had a lot of information. It was incomparable to seeing what was there," he said.

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