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Leave preconceptions behind on Morocco holidays, says expert

Travellers should leave their preconceptions of Morocco holidays behind before they embark on trips to the north African country, it has been suggested.

Carol Pucci, staff columnist for The Seattle Times, explained that she had already made her mind up about what a break to Marrakech would be like.

"I'd had some negative preconceived notions about Marrakech based on things I had heard about the effects of mass tourism and had been on the verge of giving in to my expectations," she said.

However, Ms Pucci remarked that once she rid herself of these views she was able to relax and enjoy her Morocco holiday while being "seduced by its exotic past".

Those who wish to take in the atmosphere and culture of the country and Marrakech for themselves may like to consider one of The Adventure Company's trips.

For instance, the Kids in the Kasbahs Family Holiday takes in the vibrant city, as well as a coastal camel ride towards the old pirates' nest of Essaouira.

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