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Pyramid builders 'were not slaves'

History enthusiasts who are keen to book family activity holidays to Egypt may be encouraged to do so after learning of a new discovery in Giza.

Culture minister Farouk Hosni announced that a series of tombs belonging to workmen who built the pyramids in the north African country have been discovered.

The location of the tombs - near to the pyramid of Khufu - has led some to claim that the people who constructed the ancient structures may have been free men rather than captive labourers.

"These tombs were built beside the king's pyramid, which indicates that these people were not by any means slaves," said head of Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities Dr Zahi Hawass.

He remarked that if the workers had indeed been slaves, they would not have been buried beside their ruler.

Travellers may be able to draw their own conclusions by visiting the Giza pyramids on The Adventure Company's Ancient Egypt Explorer Family Holiday.

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