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British travellers use cold snap to train for holidays to Nepal

British travellers have been able to prepare for their trekking holidays to Nepal thanks to the current freezing conditions which have hit the UK.

Ann-Marie Hudson and Glynn Davis are set to embark on a charity trek to the summit of Kalar Patar in October 2010 in a bid to boost the coffers of Cancer Research UK by more than £5,000.

The two travellers revealed that they have taken advantage of the cold snap hitting the UK to acclimatise to the conditions which they will face while scaling Mount Everest.

"We have started training and recently returned from a week in the Isle of Skye in Scotland where we were training in freezing temperatures," said Ms Hudson.

She added that reading an account of Sir Edmund Hillary's ascent of the mountain had made her forthcoming endeavour seem more "real and exciting".

Travellers who wish to follow in the footsteps of the charity trekkers may consider booking The Adventure Company's Everest Base Camp holiday.

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