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Local hospitality 'inspires travellers to book holidays to Nepal'

Travellers often choose to book family activity holidays to Nepal because of the kindness of the local people, it has been claimed.

Nepal's 30 million-strong population is used to living a simple way of life and one of their main character traits is their hospitality, Sushil Raj Kunwar of Focus on Travel News remarked.

The correspondent pointed out that the Nepali people having a saying - aateethee deva bhawa - which translates as "guests equal God".

He said the manner in which locals respect and honour travellers is the finest in the world, before adding: "Thousands of tourists return [to] Nepal every year just because of Nepali people and their simplicity and hospitality."

Mr Kunwar commented that this nature is particularly fascinating given that the country is home to more than 100 ethnic groups and sub-groups, which speak their own languages and dialects.

Travellers who are keen to sample Nepal's hospitality may like to consider The Adventure Company's Himalayan Explorer Family Holiday, which takes in medieval Kathmandu and numerous small, secluded villages.

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