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India holidays: Millions will celebrate Kumbh Mela festival

Travellers may be persuaded to book India holidays to coincide with the Kumbh Mela festival, which began last week.

The three-month long celebrations mark an opportunity for the Hindu people to wash away their sins in a huge ceremony centred on the River Ganges.

Several million people took to the water on January 14th 2010 and many more are expected to do the same over the next 12 weeks despite the current icy weather on the sub-continent.

"It means a lot to us," 19-year-old engineering student Manisha told News24. "In our religion, the Ganges is very pure and full of energy. That's why we also call the river 'mother'."

The festival commemorates a mythical battle which took place between gods and demons over a pitcher of nectar that made those who drank it immortal.

Travellers who wish to experience the celebrations may like to book onto The Adventure Company's Tigers, Taj and Temples holiday.

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