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Walking holidays: UK travellers 'unaware of Jordan's range of activities'

Travellers may be encouraged to book walking holidays in Jordan after a new report revealed that it is something of a hidden gem.

Carried out by the Jordan Tourist Board, the study concluded that apart from the famous hidden city of Petra, travellers from the UK are largely unaware of the activities which the Kingdom has to offer.

While the survey revealed a relatively high level of awareness for Petra, The Jordan Times reported that some respondents did not know it was located in Jordan.

However, it found that travellers from the UK connected Roman ruins and films like Laurence of Arabia to the country and were attracted to it by the "romantic and far-away scenery" of Wadi Rum.

Furthermore, many of those who travelled to Jordan said it had surpassed their expectations in terms of the amount that the Kingdom had to offer them.

Anyone keen to experience the hidden treasures of Jordan may like to consider booking on of The Adventure Company's Bedouin Trailswalking holidays.

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