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Travellers on India holidays 'aid tiger conservation efforts'

a href="http://www.adventurecompany.co.uk/country-overview.aspx?productid=31465" target="_self">India holidays are more than just an opportunity for travellers to savour a different culture - they can be vital to wildlife conservation efforts too.

Far from harming the environment, international wildlife charity Born Free has claimed that people taking India holidays have a key role in protecting one of the country's most iconic species, the tiger.

A spokesperson from the non-profit body pointed out that tourism provides an "arguably irreplaceable" source of revenue which can be used to benefit tiger conservation efforts.

By visiting the areas in which the predators live, travellers are also made more aware of the plight of the animals, she claimed.

Furthermore, the spokesperson stated that people on India holidays can potentially put off would-be poachers, saying: "The routine presence of tourists in tiger hotspots has been shown to reduce the likelihood of illegal activities."

The Adventure Company's Mountains & Tigers trip allows travellers to view the majestic animals in their natural habitat at Corbett National Park, along with monkeys, elephants and deer.

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