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See the sunken ruins of Kekova on family activity holidays in Turkey

a href="http://www.adventurecompany.co.uk/theme.aspx?productid=209742" target="_self">Family activity holidays in Turkey give travellers the chance to take to the seas, sample the culture and soak up the sun.

Robin Gauldie, a travel correspondent for The Mirror, picked out the picturesque and laid-back towns of Kas and Kalkan as ideal destinations for sun-kissed family activity holidays.

He recommended a diving trip near to the ancient sunken ruins of the city of Kekova, which slipped beneath the waves after an earthquake hit the area.

As a protected archaeological site, travellers are not allowed to snorkel or dive right up to the ruins, which means that a kayaking trip could be a better way to get the best views.

Mr Gauldie said he loves the town of Kas, thanks to its "sleepy tea-garden where you can sip a glass with whiskery locals under the palm trees".

Travellers keen to visit the area themselves should check out the details of The Adventure Company's Turkey Activity Week trip.

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