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Relax in Zanzibar after safari holidays, says expert

Zanzibar has been picked out as the perfect place for travellers to unwind following their safari holidays in Tanzania.

Travel writer Thembi Mutch claimed that while safari holidays to Tanzania are becoming increasingly popular, the island has yet to become fully Westernised and overrun with tourists.

Consequently, the journalist said that now could be the best time for people to visit Zanzibar during their safari holidays "before big hotels and resorts change the place drastically".

In an article for The Telegraph, Mr Mutch went on to point out that the island is something of a cultural melting pot, with its buildings - and people - a fusion of Arab, African, Indian, Shirazi and colonial influences.

Its impressive architecture has become a real draw for travellers, he added, saying: "Smart tourists ... are waking up to the potential of such bounty."

Travellers keen to visit Zanzibar as part of their own safari holidays in Tanzania should check out the details of The Adventure Company's Safari & Spice trip, which offers an optional five-day extension to the island.

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