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Machu Picchu tours 'can change your perspective'

a href="http://www.adventurecompany.co.uk/theme.aspx?productid=217930" target="_self">Machu Picchu tours are not just a great chance to take in the ancient Peruvian attraction - they can be life-changing experiences.

Brian and Sandra Robinson, a married couple who lived in rural Hampshire, told The Express that one day they decided to quit their jobs and travel around the world, taking in the likes of Machu Picchu along the way.

Although some parts of their mammoth trip were challenging - they fell off a motorbike while attempting to traverse a road through the Andes Mountains - Mr Robinson said they never regretted the idea.

"We could always see the bigger picture of how amazing this journey was," he explained.

His wife agreed, adding: "This has changed our perspective on everything. It has opened our eyes at an age where you can get a bit stuck."

The Adventure Company has plenty of packages for travellers keen to enjoy their own Machu Picchu tours, some of which involve a train journey to the Incan citadel, while others include the chance to trek the Inca Trail.

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