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Safari on Tanzania holidays 'is breathtaking and beautiful'

a href="http://www.adventurecompany.co.uk/country-overview.aspx?productid=32630" target="_self">Tanzania holidays offer travellers the chance to see so many animals in their natural habitat, they could inspire people into a change of profession.

Stephanie Kuwasaki, who was a zookeeper in her former career, explained she had been considering taking up photography on a professional basis through her love of capturing wildlife on film.

One of the moments which convinced her to embark on her new life came during a Tanzania holiday, when she visited one of the country's numerous national parks and witnessed a female cheetah hunting for food.

Although she had watched the same scene countless times on television, Ms Kuwasaki said nothing could compare to seeing it in real life.

"It was breathtaking and beautiful," she wrote in a column for The Seattle Post-Intelligencer. "I was watching nature happen in Africa and it brought me to tears."

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