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Go camel-back trekking on Morocco holidays

Travellers who are keen to explore during their Morocco holidays without being cooped up in a coach all day, every day could consider a camel-back trek.

Emma Yates, a correspondent for The News of the World, rode the so-called ship of the desert through the Sahara as part of a Morocco holiday organised by The Adventure Company.

Although the journalist expected to be in for an uncomfortable trip, she said that the camel-back trek was far less painful and experience than she had been led to believe.

In fact, Ms Yates remarked that riding one of the animals through the desert turned out to be one of the highlights of her Morocco holiday, along with visiting remote attractions like Ouarzazate, the North African country's answer to Hollywood.

"All too soon I'm back home in the city where the cabs are comfier and a helluva lot faster - but not half as much fun," she wrote.

The Adventure Company's Desert Adventure trip gives travellers the chance to follow in the footsteps of the columnist and her camel companion.

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