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Take a breather from Turkish trekking holidays in Istanbul

Istanbul could be the perfect destination for travellers to take a break during their trekking holidays in Turkey.

The continent-spanning city has been named as the 2010 European Capital of Culture, thanks in part to its diverse 2,500-year-long history.

A travel advice column in The Mail stated that the best way for people to get to know Istanbul is by making the short ferry journey from Kadikoy, in the Asian half of the city, to Eminonu in Europe.

According to the newspaper, the trip "gives a perfect view of the old city, dominated by the Ottoman Topkapi Palace, the vast dome of the Aya Sophia … and the fabulous Blue Mosque".

Travellers who are keen to explore Istanbul during their trekking holidays in Turkey can head to the bustling city courtesy of The Adventure Company.

The Trekking in Turkey trip involves nine days of walking through the challenging setting of the Taurus Mountains, with the nights spent camping out in the wild landscape.

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