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Enjoy Cuba holidays 'before it becomes a tourism hotspot'

Travellers have been urged to enjoy family activity holidays in Cuba before the country realises its potential and becomes a tourist hotspot.

One businessman and travel lover, Richard Eu, said that in the coming years, the Caribbean island destination is likely to become increasingly popular with people from the US.

When this happens, Mr Eu told The Business Times that family activity holidays in Cuba will lose a certain amount of their current unique charm and atmosphere.

"There'll be a lot of changes," the owner of healthcare company Eu Yan Sang International told the newspaper. "So now, we're seeing Cuba more as what it is, before American tourists start descending on it."

He added that he recently set off on his own family activity holiday in Cuba because he wanted to see the country as it is now, before this change comes about.

The Adventure Company's Viva Cuba trip gives travellers the opportunity to explore the island, as well as the colonial town of Trinidad.

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