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Everest Base Camp trek 'fascinates travellers'

Trekking holidays to Nepal which include a hike to Everest Base Camp offer travellers the chance to experience the mystique of the mountain.

The vast majority of people will never be fit - or wealthy - enough to climb the tallest peak in the world, pointed out Kraig Becker, a columnist for Gadling, particularly given that it costs $50,000 (£34,000) or more to do this.

However, the journalist claimed that trekking holidays to Everest Base Camp give tourists the opportunity to satisfy their fascination with the peak, something which he said is shared by many people.

Mr Becker remarked: "The desire to see the mountain runs strong amongst adventure travellers.

"Each year hundreds of them make the trek to Everest Base Camp, just to experience a part of the mountain for themselves."

The Adventure Company's Everest Base Camp trip gives people the chance to ascend 5,545 metres up the peak, while staying in traditional teahouses during the trekking holiday.

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