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Che Guevara trail 'offers cultural discovery'

Tourism chiefs in Cuba are hoping to attract travellers seeking cultural discovery with an extended heritage trail focusing on the life and times of communist revolutionary Che Guevara.

The route will take visitors to Guevara's birthplace in the Argentine city of Rosario to socialist Cuba, the country in which he assisted the Castro brothers' revolution in the late 1950s, to Bolivia, where he was shot and killed in 1967.

Organiser Diego Conca said: "People all over the world ask us for more information. Each month there's more interest and now, with Bolivia, we think there will be even more."

Guevara's exploits turned him into an iconic figure and he remains a popular symbol in global counter-culture today. Cuba, the nation with which he is perhaps most associated, continues to attract thousands of history buffs each year.

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