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Incan remains discovered in Cusco

Ancient history buffs could be encouraged to book walking holidays in Peru after archaeologists discovered an Incan structure in Cusco.

Spanish cavers and experts from the Latin America country's National Institute of Culture came across a viaduct which had been built by the civilisation despite the tricky surrounding terrain.

The location of the find stands at 2,630 metres above sea level on steeply slanted cliffs consisting of solid rock, reports local news agency Andina.

It is thought that the channel was built in order to carry water from Huaytapo ravine to Qhanabamba, where the Inca people once had a reservoir.

The route runs parallel to the rail road which now carries people on holidays in Peru to the mountain-top city of Machu Picchu.

Travellers who are keen to explore more of the ancient civilisation's structures should check out The Adventure Company's Empire of the Inca trip, which includes visits to Machu Picchu, Sacsayhuaman and Tambo Machay.

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