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Bonita Norris: Climbing Everest inspired me to push myself further

Trekking holidays to Nepal could inspire travellers to challenge themselves in a number of other ways.

Bonita Norris last month became the youngest British woman to climb Mount Everest, the world's tallest peak, which is a part of the Himalayan range that runs through Nepal.

Writing a column for The Express, Ms Norris explained that the challenging experience has given her a huge amount of respect for her body and the things it can accomplish.

Consequently, the climber said she is already planning another equally tough expedition - a trek to the South Pole - and revealed that she "can't wait to get started".

"Climbing Everest has taught me so many things but mostly the value of hard work," the 22-year-old wrote. "If you want something you will never get there unless you work your heart out for it."

Although The Adventure Company's Everest Base Camp trip does not give travellers the chance to reach the top of the mountain, it does allow them to savour the amazing scenery of the Himalayas.

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