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Almost-extinct antelopes thriving in Wadi Rum

As well as taking in the ancient attractions during their Jordan holidays, travellers may also catch a glimpse of an animal which has been extinct in the wild for almost 40 years.

Plenty of Arabian onyxes once roamed the Arabian Peninsula, but the efforts of poachers and hunters saw their numbers dwindle and they were completely wiped out from the wild back in 1972.

Since then, they have been kept either in captivity or in private collections, but have still been targeted by these criminals, leaving just a few of them left in 2007, reports The National.

Last year, an initiative was launched which saw 20 of the antelopes released in Wadi Rum, which means people on Jordan holidays may get the chance to see them.

The scheme has proved so successful that it could now be extended to Syria and Iraq, the newspaper added.

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