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Remember to haggle during Egypt holidays

Few people who go on Egypt holidays can resist the chance to visit one of Cairo's famous bustling markets.

However, those hoping to come away with a great deal will not have it handed to them on a plate - and will need to haggle to get the best price, according to TNT Magazine.

Visitors should expect to see an array of exotic gifts in the bazaars and stalls of the city, including crockery, fabrics and trinkets.

"It might seem a waste of time for small objects like keyrings, but [haggling is] a big part of Egyptian culture and fun to get involved," the column advised.

After building up an appetite shopping in Cairo's markets, travellers are likely to be on the lookout for something to eat.

Scrumptious local dishes such as falafel, hummus and grilled meats will sate even the biggest of appetites, TNT Magazine stated.

Those keen to sample Cairo for themselves should book onto one of The Adventure Company's Egypt holidays.

The Pyramids to Petra trip combines the wonders of Egypt, such as Cairo and Giza and the Pyramids, with the sights and sounds of Jordan.

After crossing the Red Sea travellers visit Wadi Rum to camp under the stars.

We offer some exciting choices of Egypt holidays for you to discover.