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Kilimanjaro trek offers 'peace and tranquillity'

An academic who took part in a Kilimanjaro trek has said the "peace and tranquillity" he found at the summit of the peak was the most memorable aspect of his trip.

Paul Greer, associate professor in health and exercise science at San Diego City College, said his Tanzania holiday gave him a chance to review his life outlook.

Although completing the hike with his group was tough, the hard work was more than worth it, he revealed in a column for the San Diego News Room.

Mr Greer said he adopted a patient approach while scaling the mountain - a lesson he plans to apply to other areas of his life.

"The mountain is unforgiving and one must walk slowly to successfully make it to the top," he commented. "Every day is precious - don't put off for tomorrow something you can do today."

Travellers keen to taste the tranquillity of Tanzania for themselves should check out The Adventure Company's Kilimanjaro - Marangu Route trip.

A six-day trek up the famous peak, the jaunt sees tourists stay in mountain huts before taking in the breathtaking views of the Roof of Africa.

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