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Egypt holidays news: Ancient Nile Delta city uncovered

a href="http://www.adventurecompany.co.uk/country-overview.aspx?productid=34526" target="_self">Egypt holidays are full of discovery and excitement, a fact underlined by a recent discovery project in the Nile Delta.

More of the ancient underground city of Avaris has been discovered by a team of Austrian scientists.

Houses, palaces, temples and burial places have been uncovered by the team using computer-generated images created using magnetometry techniques and resistivity science.

Secretary general of the Supreme Council of Antiquities Dr Zahi Hawass said the surveys are so detailed that the outline of neighbourhoods can be seen.

He remarked: "Using such a special scientific survey to locate such a city is the only way to gain a better understanding of such a large area at one time."

The project follows similar work at the Great Sphinx of Giza and the Temple of Taposiris.

Although The Adventure Company's Egypt holidays do not go to the site of Avaris, they instead give travellers a chance to discover their own piece of ancient history.

For example, the Nile River Adventure Family Holiday offers tourists the chance to check out the Valley of the Kings, Luxor, Cairo and Aswan.

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