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Views on trekking holidays to Nepal are 'mesmerising'

A teenager who scaled Everest on his recent trekking holiday to Nepal has said the views from the peak were mesmerising.

Last month, 17-year-old Arjun Vajpai became the youngest Indian person to reach the summit of the mountain.

Recalling the trip, the climber told DNA India that it was the challenge of a lifetime - and that he considered turning back after going the wrong way.

Following a rescue from another climber, Mr Vajpai made another attempt at summiting the peak.

"Time flies up there. You can't one day decide to climb Mount Everest. You need a physical and mental stamina that only comes over time," he remarked.

The teenager is now making plans for his next adventure holidays - trips to the North and South Pole.

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The Everest Base Camp jaunt does not go all the way to the top of the peak but allows travellers to stay in teahouses and enjoy wonderful views of the Himalayas.

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