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Trekking Inca Trail 'leads to the great wonders of the world'

Writing for The Citizen, columnist Annette Bayne recalled her own experience of trekking the Inca Trail and making it to the famous lost city.

She said when she first arrived the valley in which the city is based was covered by mist, increasing her "nervous anticipation" of what Machu Picchu looks like.

"In a moment of sunshine, the mist swept away to reveal one of the great wonders of the world," Ms Bayne recalled.

She added that the effort of trekking the Inca Trail made it even more rewarding to view the vista.

For anyone inspired to follow in Ms Bayne's footsteps, The Adventure Company's The Inca Trail trip may be ideal.

It offers the chance to follow one of the world's most famous trekking routes over four days, as well as the opportunity to enjoy the sights of the city of Cusco.

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