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Kilimanjaro trek 'offered unforgettable views to teen'

Elias Mahon, aged 14, went on the Kilimanjaro trek with 63-year-old Wayne Funk and managed to have a truly memorable experience.

Speaking about the view from 19,300 ft above sea level, Elias told Fredericksburg.com: "You're so high up and when you look down at the clouds, they look so far down that they look like the ground - but it's white, pillowy and fluffy."

He added that it feels as though you are above the earth rather than still on it.

For anyone wanting to replicate the incredible experience enjoyed by Elias and his grandfather, The Adventure Company offers the Kilimanjaro Trek – Machame Route holiday.

This sees climbers go off the beaten track to take in wonderful views of the eternal icefields and Kilimajaro's scree-covered dome.

We offer some exciting choices of trekking holidays for you to discover