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'Incredible experience' awaits those who trek the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

A couple who decided to trek the Inca Trail in order to enjoy a Machu Picchu tour had an incredible time.

Writing about her experience in The Desert Sun, Maggie Downs said she felt a real sense of achievement after reaching the ancient citadel on foot.

She travelled with her husband and another ten hikers, who offered much-needed support during the trip.

Before setting off on the Inca Trail, the pair spent time in the Peruvian city of Cusco.

Mrs Downs said that coca tea is a good remedy for altitude sickness explaining that it "is actually a very mild way to soothe the tummy, help the respiratory system and open up oxygen flow."

She added: "The city is colder than I thought it would be, especially with my thin desert blood."

Travellers who wish to follow in Mrs Downs' footsteps should consider booking one of The Adventure Company's holidays to Peru.

Classic Peru is a comprehensive tour of the spectacular Latin American nation that includes Machu Picchu tours and the chance to trek the Inca Trail.

It also includes jaunts to Cusco, Lima and Laka Titicaca.

We offer some exciting choices of Machu Picchu tours for you to discover.