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Acclimatising in Cusco 'important' before Machu Picchu tours

Travellers planning to trek the Inca Trail in order to enjoy Machu Picchu tours should acclimatise in Cusco first.

This is the view of Jaunted columnist Avenida Hermanos, who pointed out that Cusco is almost a kilometre closer to sea level than the ancient citadel, meaning it will help tourists get used to the air quality and climate.

He said even the fittest people can get altitude sickness, but there are ways of avoiding and combating this minor ailment.

Mr Hermanos added that there has been a "lot of misinformation" about Machu Picchu tours after problems with flooding earlier this year, which have since been resolved.

"The Unesco World Heritage Site is now back open for visits from the public and rest assured that it looks as breathtaking as ever," the correspondent remarked.

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