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New tombs discovered near Giza and the pyramids

Excavators working on a site near Giza and the pyramids have excitedly announced they have found two new underground tombs.

Secretary general of the supreme council of antiquities Dr Zahi Hawass led the expedition, which took place in the Saqqara region south of Cairo.

He said that investigators believe the tombs, found in Gisr El-Mudir, are of a father and son, Shendwa and Khonsu.

The rooms featured inscriptions detailing the titles of the pair, while a collection of limestone jars was also discovered nearby.

An obelisk was also found in the tomb, which led Dr Hawass to remark: "It is a symbol of worshipping the sun god Re."

Wall paintings and a burial shaft 20 metres below ground level have been excavated by the team, along with an offering table.

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