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Giza and the pyramids 'are an awesome sight'

A trip to Giza and the pyramids was an "awesome" aspect of one traveller's holiday to Egypt.

Although the purpose of Guardian columnist Liese Spencer's jaunt was to check out some of the country's lesser known sights, she still spent a few days "happily pounding around" Cairo and its surrounding monuments.

The journalist particularly enjoyed a trip to the Egyptian Museum, which she described as "wonderfully ramshackle".

"[I loved] its dusty glass cabinets, scribbled biro notes replacing missing objects, sarcophagi, statues, ancient games, tools, furniture and other amazing antiquities piled up like bric-a-brac," Ms Spencer remarked.

After her break in Cairo, the correspondent headed for the coast - The Adventure Company can arrange a similar itinerary.

For example, Feluccas & Pharaohs Family Holiday allows travellers to check out Giza and the pyramids before heading to Aswan on an overnight train.

Following a jaunt up the River Nile, the trip concludes on the Red Sea coast, where tourists can meet sea creatures while snorkeling.

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