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Don't forget to get jabs before going on holidays to Tanzania

Travellers have been reminded of the importance of being vaccinated against disease before setting off on holidays to Tanzania.

The Daily Mirror's resident health expert Dr Miriam Stoppard said it is very sensible to get the jabs before travelling to countries where illnesses such as malaria and Hepatitis A are prevalent.

She explained that some people do not complete their course of tablets before setting off on a trip, which can have disastrous consequences.

Although pills need to be consumed before and during a holiday to Tanzania, it is also key that they are taken up to four weeks after the jaunt has finished.

Dr Stoppard remarked: "Always take anti-malarial tablets correctly. They can make you feel unwell but the alternative is far worse."

Those going on holidays to Tanzania with The Adventure Company are advised to be vaccinated against Hepatitis A, polio, typhoid, malaria, Tetanus, diphtheria and yellow fever.

It is compulsory that people who book onto the Safari & Spice Family Holiday are protected against yellow fever before they enter Zanzibar.

Getting the jabs will mean that travellers are free to enjoy a spectacular holiday checking out the exotic spice island and Uluguru mountains, along with Mikumi and Saadani national parks.

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