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Lake Titicaca's gastronomic delights await those on holidays in Peru

A columnist who went on a family activity holiday to Peru has recounted the culinary surprises which he found at Lake Titicaca.

The Daily Telegraph's James Studholme took his young sons on the trip to the South American destination and reported on the great time they had.

During their stay at the lake, they were given the opportunity to sample roast guinea pig, a local delicacy.

Although the correspondent appeared eager to give it a go, his sons were less impressed, even though they had previously sampled llama and armadillo.

Later in the trip, the gang took the train from Puno to Cusco and were given the chance to try a guinea pig prepared in a more careful way.

"I'm not sure the boys will be quite eyeing their friends' pets as potential food quite yet, but for them it is certainly a step in a more adventurous culinary direction," Mr Studholme remarked.

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